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Adobe Photoshop Level 2: Intermediate

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Students in this class will work through example projects based on real-world scenarios to reinforce and expand upon the skills learned in Photoshop Level 1.

You will learn how to create a movie poster using multiple source images; how to utilize Photoshop's vector capabilities; and advanced techniques for image correction and typographic design. You will also learn how to incorporate lighting effects and perspective tools to create realism in your Photoshop compositions.

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Suggested Reference Book

Adobe Photoshop 2020 The Professional Portfolio

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1. Composite Movie Ad

    • Compositing Artwork
    • Managing Layers
    • Working with Complex Selections
    • Rasterizing Vector Art
  • Lesson 2. Vintage Car Montage

    • Working with Vector Tools
    • Creating a Vector Based Layer Mask
    • Applying Advanced Styles and Filters
    • Using the Liquify Filer
  • Lesson 3. Image Correction

    • Correcting Lighting Issues
    • Advanced Color Correction
    • Preparing for Print
    • Working with HDR Images
  • Lesson 4. City Promotion Cards

    • Creating a New File from Scratch
    • Manipulating Pixels
    • Typography in Photoshop
    • Using a Spot Color
  • Lesson 5. Advertising Samples

    • Working with Perspective
    • Using the Vanishing Point Filter
    • Working with Lighting Effects

Course Schedule


Adobe Photoshop Level 2: Intermediate

Contact Hours
13 hours

Course Fee(s)
Tuition non-credit - $695.00


  • Michael Snodgrass