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There’s no way around it – managing people is one of the most difficult and complex things you can do in an organization – and so often we make that jump into a management role without any formal preparation. Both new and experienced managers can benefit from our Management Certificate and courses, which provide valuable toolkits to handle common workplace challenges.


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Management Certificate: Classic Skills and Modern Challenges

There’s no way around it – managing people is one of the most difficult and complex things you can do in an organization – and so often we make that jump into a management role without any formal preparation. Whether you’re struggling to lead your former peers or finding it difficult to let go of the work you used to do so well yourself, our 3-month program will cover the critical skills you need to succeed as a manager.

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A difficult employee in his space

Handling Difficult Employee Behavior

This course is designed to prepare managers to deal with troublesome and difficult behavior by employees. The course uses videos to illustrate each behavior type so that you can more easily apply the techniques to your current work environment.

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Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a critical factor in career success and management effectiveness. High emotional intelligence creates increased resilience in the face of change, enhanced work performance, and greater management impact. And best of all, emotional intelligence can be learned! This experiential course will start you on your journey to growing your emotional intelligence. You will receive a personal assessment of your current emotional intelligence, and you will be guided in creating a personalized plan for continued growth.

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How to Coach

This course focuses on the skills and techniques of positive coaching in an organizational setting including listening actively, providing constructive feedback based on observation, reinforcing positive employee performance through recognition and praise, and teaching new skills.

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Introduction To Management

This course is designed for current and soon-to-be managers seeking to understand the foundations of effective management. The course will dive into these topics and test acquired knowledge through exercises, games, review checkpoints, and a final assessment.

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Managing Multi-Generations

Our interactive workshop will explore these generational differences and similarities as participants develop and practice helpful techniques for better managing the wide range of ages and personalities that comprise the current labor force.

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Managing People

This course will explain how the goals, empowerment, measurement system of management can be employed and how organization structures differ. The course will also cover the difficulty of discipline while trying to maintain productivity and momentum.

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Managing Remote Employees

While there are many advantages to remote work for both the company and the individual, managers must be aware of the challenges that can arise when employing remote workers. This course explores the benefits and drawbacks of remote work and provides managers with tips for helping their remote workers stay connected and motivated.

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Optimizing Virtual Teamwork

Our workshop will provide helpful tools and best practices—based on up-to-the-minute research—for virtual teams, including how to conduct effective meetings, presentations and evaluations.

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