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Leaders in today’s business environments face a variety of challenges while overseeing staff and employees. Our courses provide best practices, tips and techniques for coaching, delegating, leading inclusively, building engagement, handling difficult people and situations, and managing finances, among other topics.


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Women in Leadership Certificate Program

The five-week program includes five learning modules, each led by a female subject matter expert with expertise in the areas of innovation, cultural awareness, engagement, resilience, or self-advocacy.

Women in Leadership Course Details (Women in Leadership Certificate Program)


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Building Teams - Building Culture

Participants in this course can increase staff engagement levels, create stronger interpersonal connections and maximize performance results.

Building Teams Course Details (Building Teams - Building Culture)

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a critical factor in career success and management effectiveness. High emotional intelligence creates increased resilience in the face of change, enhanced work performance, and greater management impact. And best of all, emotional intelligence can be learned! This experiential course will start you on your journey to growing your emotional intelligence. You will receive a personal assessment of your current emotional intelligence, and you will be guided in creating a personalized plan for continued growth.

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Essentials of Leadership for Managers

This interactive workshop helps supervisors and managers build the skills they need to be effective leaders and explore their own leadership potential.

Leadership for Managers Course Details (Essentials of Leadership for Managers)
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Essentials of Strategic Planning for Managers

This hands-on course is designed for professionals at all levels to learn how to apply the Strategic Planning Process.It offers a step-by-step guide to assist you in translating basic concepts and visions into a concrete plan for action to help you reach your objectives.

Strategic Planning Course Details (Essentials of Strategic Planning for Managers)
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Leading Inclusively and Equitably Across Differences

Our interactive half-day session will challenge participants to gain awareness of their biases, including unconscious predispositions. Interactive exercises will provide knowledge, skills, and effective tools for successfully leading diverse teams.

Leading Inclusively Course Details (Leading Inclusively and Equitably Across Differences)
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Transformational Leadership: Inspiring Your Team

Our interactive course examines how and when to utilize this approach for maximum leadership effectiveness, thereby generating significant buy-in and workforce ownership.

Transformational Leadership Course Details (Transformational Leadership: Inspiring Your Team)