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Data and Analytics

The job market for data professionals continues to grow – boost your career by learning the essential skills needed for popular data analytics roles. Companies need well-qualified individuals to fill these important technology roles – prepare for those positions by immersing yourself in one or more of these industry-disrupting topics: artificial intelligence, Power BI, data analytics and/or SQL.


Data Analytics with Tableau

Data Analytics with Tableau

An online program that teaches you skills for in-demand data analytics roles, supporting you the entire way.

Data Analytics with Tableau Certificate Details (Data Analytics with Tableau)


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Advanced Power BI

Learn how to design interactive reports and dashboards using advanced visualization features such as buttons, bookmarks, slicers, and drill-through.

Advanced Power BI Course Details (Advanced Power BI)
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Artificial Intelligence-Powered Augmented Data Science

The course trains the students to build and implement AI-infused data science models through an applied, hands-on approach.

AI-Powered DS Course Details (Artificial Intelligence-Powered Augmented Data Science)
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Introduction To Power BI

Introduction to Power BI is a foundational, hands-on training course designed for individuals interested in using Microsoft Power BI as a Business Intelligence and analytics tool.

Intro To Power BI Course Details (Introduction To Power BI)
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Power BI For Healthcare

Join us to as we employ Power BI to effectively analyze and visualize healthcare data using a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practice in PowerBI workbooks with healthcare datasets.

Power BI Healthcare Course Details (Power BI For Healthcare)
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Power BI For Marketing

The Power BI for Marketing Course is an applied, hands-on training course focusing on how to use Power BI in analyzing and visualizing Marketing data.

Power BI For Marketing Course Details (Power BI For Marketing)
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SQL Level 1: Introduction

This course introduces you to SQL, the standardized language used by all of the popular business database management systems including Oracle, SQL Server, Access, DB2 and My SQL.

SQL Intro Course Details (SQL Level 1: Introduction)
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Statistics As A Managerial Tool

Managing today can require good instincts. However, instinct is not enough to manage the huge amounts of available data and the complex variables of the business world.

Statistics As A Managerial Tool Course Details (Statistics As A Managerial Tool)
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Statistical Process Control

Statistical Process Control is all about boosting quality. Quality management can not only deliver value to customers and stakeholders, it can also enable data-driven decision making that helps organizations gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Statistical Process Control Course Details (Statistical Process Control)
Tools Of Data Analysis

Tools Of Data Analysis

There are a number of statistical tools and techniques that are commonly used by organizations to inform decision-making. These tools span numerous business functions and support many different objectives.

Tools Of Data Analysis Course Details (Tools Of Data Analysis)
Introduction to Data Analysis

Introduction to Data Analysis

This course will introduce the different types of decisions made in an organizational setting, why quantitative analytics is important, and how data quality can affect decision making.

Introduction to Data Analysis Course Details (Introduction to Data Analysis)
Data Analysis For Improving Organizational Performance

Data Analysis For Improving Organizational Performance

When using data analysis to improve organizational performance, it's vital to employ the tools that bring the data to life and keep people engaged in the process.

Improving Organizational Performance Course Details (Data Analysis For Improving Organizational Performance)
Data Analysis In The Real World

Data Analysis In The Real World

This course discusses data-driven decision making across a variety of sectors such as healthcare, education, and government. This course also offers recommendations for decision-making based on data analytics for each sector.

Data Analysis Real World Course Details (Data Analysis In The Real World)