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White Paper: Training as a Solution for Retention

Author Clair Cooke

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In this new Emory white paper, we share an Emory solution for solving multiple challenges in today's workforce climate. 

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Can an organization address both low team morale and outdated skillsets? 

It's possible with one solution.

Beginning in Spring 2021, employers in the United States started experiencing a new phenomenon, known as “The Great Resignation”, when roughly 33 million Americans decided to leave their jobs or exit the workforce altogether. More recently, low employee morale has resulted in a negative behavior known as “quiet quitting.” Matching these challenges, many new skillsets are needed in the workplace – processes and tools – and organizations are feeling pressure to upskill their teams to stay competitive.

In the new Emory University white paper, “Training as a Solution for Retention,” we impart a solution for solving these challenges with a precision mix of training activities that we’ve tested in the field with our corporate partners. Get the white paper below to get started.

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