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Creative Writing

Explore methodologies across all writing categories as you refine both your personal style and voice utilizing the most effective tools and techniques. Schedule flexibility combined with a variety of elective options allows you to tailor the curriculum based on personal interests and skill sets. Build your platform and grow your brand as you work to successfully achieve your writing goals.


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Creative Writing Certificate

Our customizable Creative Writing Certificate program provides individualized guidance from experienced instructors who have published works in multiple genres.

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Essentials of Creative Writing

Through weekly lectures, readings, and opportunities to share your work in a supportive environment, you will begin to hone your craft, learning tips for how to create compelling characters, snappy dialogue, and satisfying story structures.

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Documentary Filmmaking For The Writer

Interested in producing your own documentary? Combine your fantastic ideas with creative writing skills as you identify the roles and talents required to succeed as an independent filmmaker.

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Humor and Comedy Writing

Our six-week workshop covers a wide variety of comedy genres including sketch, comedy/variety and scripted series, all culminating in a class that teaches you how to pitch your show to the people who can make it happen.

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Introduction To Screenwriting

Do you think you have a great idea? Join our class as we combine professional screenwriting formatting lessons and story structure in order to create entertaining and engaging screenplays.

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Narrative Writing Workshop

This writing-intensive course takes a hands-on approach to the craft of storytelling, exploring the tools, materials, and mechanics used to construct powerful narratives, whether fictional or factual.

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Poetry Workshop

In this class, we will cover the “how-to” of haiku, in addition to reviewing the basic elements underlying poetry of any length or style—meter, metaphor, and musicality.

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Sitcom Writing

Making people laugh can often be a difficult but rewarding writing challenge. Using a collaborative approach, we will conceive, develop, and outline an original sitcom pilot script for television.

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The Business Of Creative Writing

Led by acclaimed author Claire Cook, this course shows you how to identify your brand and build your platform, as well as to evaluate the commercial potential of your work and understand the paths toward monetizing your writing.

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Writing Inspired By Surrealist Art, Film, And Poetry

Tap into the endless flexibility of your imagination by utilizing Surrealist techniques to generate and express your wildly creative ideas.

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Writing Your Truth: Memoir

This course will set you on the path to discovering your truth, highlighting your supporting cast of characters, and determining the urgency behind your own story.

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Advanced Revision Workshop

During this workshop, our instructor—an experienced editor and writer—will provide valuable constructive feedback for participants and their respective works. Participants must submit a sample of work.

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