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IT Systems & Support

Gain expertise in providing comprehensive support to individuals and organizations by mastering front-end development, adeptly managing cloud infrastructure, and skillfully troubleshooting hardware and software installations and usage.


cloud database administrator

Cloud Database Administrator for MS Azure

This self-paced, fully online program provides an in-depth understanding of networking, storage, computer application support and development in cloud environments with a specific focus on Microsoft Azure.

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computer support specialist

Computer Support Specialist

This self-paced, fully online program prepares participants for a role in supporting computer users by installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and managing computers, hardware, wired and wireless networks.

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web developer

Front-End Web Developer

This self-paced, fully online program introduces participants to front-end, or client-side, web development technologies, including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and jQuery. The program is designed to prepare students to function as web developers in multiple technical, business, and healthcare settings.

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