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Art, Home and Garden

Interested in creating beautiful landscapes that draw praise and envy from your neighbors? How about kitchen and interior design projects that can boost the value of your home? Learn both foundational and cutting-edge concepts as well as techniques for creating functional, crowd-pleasing home and garden plans for any type of budget. Our instructors will share tips from decades of real-world experience to help build your expertise.


Landscape Design Certificate

Intended for hobbyists and amateur landscape designers alike, our program will provide both foundational and cutting-edge concepts and techniques for creating functional, crowd-pleasing landscape plans for any type of budget.

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oil painting

Beginning Oil Painting

Enjoy an easier, more satisfying introduction to oil painting when you know the right techniques. You'll learn everything you need to get started with this flexible, rewarding medium.

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Drawing for Painters

Whether you are interested in painting in oil, acrylic, pastel, gouache, or watercolor, good drawing skills will greatly impact your abilities and lead to vast improvements in your overall artwork!

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Elements Of Interior Decorating I

Elements Of Interior Decorating I

Explore basic interior design principles, including identification of style components, selection/placement of furniture, lighting, and accessories. We will also discuss proper execution of wall art and groupings, as well as various fabric combinations and colors. Participants can create a project board to showcase design ideas and inspirations.

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Elements Of Interior Decorating II

Elements Of Interior Decorating II

Create beautiful and functional spaces where you live, work and play, and build on your foundation as we explore color theory and the physiological effects of color on relaxing and productive environments. Learn the techniques of illusion design which include the art of masking architectural flaws.

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Enjoying Wine: The Basics And Beyond

Enjoying Wine: The Basics And Beyond

Join us in a four-part series to taste wine and learn about different varietals, how wine is made and the fascinating people behind these creations. We will discuss how to taste wine with ease, different styles and types of wines, interesting wine characteristics and fascinating regional differences of wine from around the world.

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Gardening In Small Spaces

Gardening In Small Spaces

This self-paced, online course will guide you through the basics of garden design, plant selection, planting, maintaining your garden, and troubleshooting so that you can experience success and enjoy the natural environment you have created. Whether you're hoping to eat out of your garden or just enjoy the view, this course can help you get the most out of your small space.

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A student drawing

Introduction to Drawing

Drawing is a foundational skill that can aid in the development of other creative pursuits. Painters, architects, woodworkers, gardeners, and designers all benefit from honing their drawing skills.

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Kitchen Design And Decor

Kitchen Design And Decor

Whether you're building or remodeling a kitchen, the process doesn't have to be stressful. Find the inspiration and courage to begin your project with the expertise of noted Interior Design expert, Lee Anne Culpepper. Explore your style and how you will achieve it.

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Knitted items and yarn

Knitting Basics

This course covers the basics of knitting, teaching you how to choose your materials, read knitting patterns, and create several different simple projects. Through a series of videos, an expert knitter will walk you through the basic stitches that are the building blocks for even the most complicated patterns, and you will soon be on your way to knitting with confidence.

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Principles Of Design

Principles Of Design

Explore the latest color and design trends and how to use them to create spaces that inspire. Examine the characteristics of fabrics and learn how to select effectively the appropriate fabric for the scheme, including mixing patterns and colors. Create eye catching rooms by discovering the levels of quality and best uses of furniture.

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