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Even Funnier Business: Finding Humor 2

A comedy writer at work

Grow your skills as a comedy writer

Get ready to have even more fun than before (if that's possible). Even Funnier Business will give you access to more techniques and styles to further develop what you consider to be humorous and myriad ways to access it. This class includes a workshop and detailed feedback from the instructor.

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It is highly recommended that students complete Funny Business: Finding Humor before completing this course.

Required Books:

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Leveraging Humor

  • Learn about humor through class texts and media observations
  • Class discussion on the evolution of humor 
  • Figure out why you are drawn to certain types of humor
  • Learn more about your particular type of comedy

Lesson 2: Choosing Your Moments

  • Identify not only what you want to write about but the reason for it
  • Harness moments and memories rife with humor 
  • Humor surrounds us so why can’t we see it?
  • Avoid ideas that deviate from your subtext

Lesson 3: What’s Your Joke?

  • Learn how to create and sustain a joke
  • Finesse your joke beats (like writing scene beats)
  • Connect your writing with your intended audience
  • Stay focused on the story you set out to tell

Lesson 4: Accessing Your Comedy

  • More on avoiding comedy cliches
  • The comedy escalator
  • Draft your way to funny
  • Don’t slow down – warp speed ahead

Lesson 5: It’s a Funny World 

  • Learn by real world examples
  • Discover the importance of titles
  • Create your idea stages
  • Figuring out humor as main character

Lesson 6: Moving Beyond Curtain Time

  • Stick with your themes
  • Simplicity vs complicated
  • Sustaining humor
  • Moving beyond the workshop

Learner Outcomes

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define their own style of humor
  • Enhance their existing comedic toolkit
  • Create beats of jokes
  • Determine how to leverage humor in their narrative
  • Submit a longer narrative for workshop
  • Apply comedic tools for a longer-term writing project after the course conclusion


Online (Instructor-led)Sep 09, 2024 to Oct 21, 20247:00PM - 9:00PM   Zoom

Even Funnier Business: Finding Humor 2 Course Information

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12 hours

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