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Advanced Revision Workshop

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Learn how to effectively revise and improve your writing

Revision isn't just about grammar and syntax—many other choices are critically important: Where should you begin your story or essay? What point of view should you use? What verb tense will work best? During this workshop, our instructor—an experienced editor and writer—will provide valuable constructive feedback for participants and their respective works.

This course is designed for students in the Creative Writing Certificate and must be completed last—after all other required courses and electives. Students not currently enrolled in the Creative Writing Certificate will be considered for admission to this course on a case-by-case basis.

Registration for this course ends three weeks before the start date to allow for all student submissions to be reviewed and for students admitted to the course. 

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Books for the course

Learner Outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Revise your writing sample (4,000-8,000 words) over the course of our class after receiving constructive feedback from your instructor and peers
  • Break down your revision step-by-step by focusing on strengthening the narrative elements learned over the course of your classes
  • Identify the story you are trying to tell
  • Define your unique voice and style
  • Recognize your strengths and weaknesses as you move forward with your writing
  • Recognize the importance of reading to your growth as a writer
  • Develop a plan for moving forward with your writing project

Course Schedule

  Oct- Dec SECTION

Online (Instructor-led)Oct 28, 2024 to Dec 09, 20247:00PM - 9:00PM   Zoom

Advanced Revision Workshop Course Information

Contact Hours
12 hours

Course Fee(s)
Tuition non-credit - $495.00