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There is a key set of powerful software applications that support all aspects of business today. ECE offers courses to grow skills in the most popular of these.


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Microsoft Excel Bootcamp: From Rookie to Rockstar

Join an in-depth learning experience that prepares students for career advancement through a thorough knowledge of Excel. Students learn the most popular and useful tools for functions, analytics, information management and manipulation, and greater productivity.

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Microsoft Excel Basics

Microsoft's Excel is a powerful spreadsheet software used to organize and manage data related to business operations. This course focuses on mastering the fundamental tasks performed in Excel, including data entry, basic formula calculations, and formatting and style operations.

Microsoft Excel Basics Course Details (Microsoft Excel Basics)
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Excel: Business Analytics

The Business Analytics field is popular and growing; Microsoft Excel has many features to make creating analytics easy, attractive, and powerful. Many positions require that we know how to manage, manipulate, and analyze our data table information. We will learn how to manage and manipulate our data and prepare the information for analysis. Then, we will work with Excel’s four important analytical tools: Scenario Manager, PivotTables, Subtotals, and Charts/PivotCharts.

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Excel: Formulas and Functions

This course is designed for current users of Microsoft Office and Excel who want to improve and elevate their skillset in Excel’s powerful functions. We will learn introductory, intermediate, and advanced functions/formulas. The introductory, aggregate functions include SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, COUNTA, and TODAY functions. The Intermediate functions include PMT and CONCATENATE. Advanced functions include VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP, SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS, DSUM, DCOUNT, and IF...THEN...ELSE.

Excel: Formulas and Functions Course Details (Excel: Formulas and Functions)
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Excel: Fundamentals

In this half-day course, students will learn important shortcuts, as well as tips and tricks for navigating and selecting data in Excel. We’ll customize Excel through our Quick Access Toolbar and important options. We will also learn how to use formatting, AutoFill, and how to create formulas and functions the right way the first time. Finally, we will learn how to print and view Excel worksheets using Freeze and Split panes, Page Layout View, and Page Break Preview.

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Excelling at Excel: The 5 Fs

In this half-day course, students will learn the important 5Fs of Excel: Formatting, Fills, Formulas, Functions, and Filters/Sorts.

Excelling at Excel: The 5 Fs Course Details (Excelling at Excel: The 5 Fs)