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Excel: Formulas and Functions

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Excel: formulas And functions

We designed this course for current users of Microsoft Office and Excel who want to improve and elevate their skillset in Excel's powerful functions. We will learn introductory, intermediate, and advanced functions/formulas. The introductory, aggregate functions include SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, COUNTA, and TODAY functions. The Intermediate functions include PMT and CONCATENATE. Advanced functions include VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP, SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS, DSUM, DCOUNT, and IF...THEN...ELSE.

Audience: We designed this course for current, experienced users of Excel who want to know more about formulas and functions. This is NOT a course for beginners.

Software: This course is intended for Microsoft Office 2016/2019 and Microsoft 365.

This course is offered in a HyFlex format. Students can attend online or in-person at our Century Center location. Please register for the option that best suits your needs. 

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Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Formula/Functions Syntax and Referencing
    • Symbols for continuous and noncontiguous formula/function ranges
    • Absolute and Mixed Reference symbols
    • 3-D and linkage symbols
    • Relative, Absolute/Mixed and 3-D References

  • Lesson 2. Introductory Formulas and Functions
    • Calculating days and years
    • Linking worksheets with a formula/function (3-D Reference)

  • Lesson 3. Name Box and Name Manager
    • Name cells, tables, and areas of a worksheet
    • Use Names for:
      • Absolute Reference
      • Navigation
      • Selection
      • Values
      • Formulas and Functions

  • Lesson 4. Intermediate Functions
    • Financial - PMT

  • Lesson 5. Advanced Functions
    • Lookup and Reference - VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP

Learner Outcomes

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Create and edit basic, intermediate, and advance functions with ease
  • Use all of the cell references in Excel—Relative, Absolute/Mixed, and 3-D
  • Develop results with functions based on criteria
  • Employ the Name Box and Name manager for cell referencing and productivity in Excel
  • Use Introductory functions—SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, and TODAY
  • Use Intermediate functions—PMT and CONCATENATE
  • Build drop down lists and error alerts using Data Validation
  • Use Advanced functions—VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP, SUMIFS, DSUM, and IF-THEN-ELSE.

Course Schedule


Excel: Formulas And Functions

Contact Hours
6.5 hours

Course Fee(s)
Tuition non-credit - $375.00