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Build impactful Powerpoint presentations for business

As technology continues to change the way that we engage in business communications, the art of presenting has also undergone a shift. No longer can presenters rely solely on their spoken words to deliver their messages. Now, audiences expect to see multimedia slideshows that both inform and entertain. This course will consider how to plan and design effective slideshow presentations using Microsoft's PowerPoint software. It includes practical tips and examples for mapping the presentation, incorporating research, using templates, selecting visual elements, and delivering the presentation.

This self-paced course grants 3 PDUs for successful completion. Students have 90 days from the day they are granted access to complete this course.

Please note: Access to this course will be granted as soon as possible but may take up to 1 business day

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Learner Outcomes

  • After this class, you will be able to:

    • Define effective communication
    • Describe the qualities of a well-designed slideshow presentation
    • Describe the qualities of a well-designed slideshow presentation
    • Identify common problems when using PowerPoint to design slideshows
    • Differentiate between effective and ineffective PowerPoint slides
    • Discuss the importance of having a clear purpose or goal for your presentation
    • Explain the four components of goal-oriented communication
    • Consider the importance of understanding your audience
    • Conduct audience analysis
    • Map your presentation using the "Forecast, Present, Echo" structure
    • Incorporate research into your presentation
    • Assess websites for reliability and credibility
    • Use slideshow templates effectively
    • Select images that are professional and well-designed
    • Choose visually appealing colors and fonts
    • Consider how design trends can be applied to slideshows
    • Identify the signs and symptoms of speaking anxiety
    • Describe methods for managing speaking anxiety, including relaxation strategies
    • Design a PowerPoint presentation that features recommended design principles

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PowerPoint For Business

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