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Getting Work Done: Setting Goals, Guiding Performance

Getting Work Done: Setting Goals, Guiding Performance

Learn methods for efficient completion of work

How do we get work done? Some believe it’s as simple as creating a “to do” list … but most realize that there is much more to it than that. In this interactive workshop, we will explore and exercise all of the components of getting stuff done, from setting realistic goals to managing execution and all points in between. Borrowing from researching in neuroscience, behavioral economics, and project management, we will guide you through how to apply best practice tools on how to “chunkify” your work, create milestones and measures, set and maintain accountability methods, and control expectations by “managing up” and re-prioritizing.

Course Outline

  1. Setting Goals – the art and science
    • Our brains at work and why things go “sideways” … and how to establish realistic goals
    • Aligning values, priorities, and calendars
    • Establishing productivity habits, mindsets, and tactics

  2. Keeping yourself and others “on-track”
    • The power of “chunkifying” work into digestible bits
    • Creating qualitative/quantitative measures to gauge progress, feedback, & improvement
    • Setting and maintaining accountability methods

  3. Maintaining focus
    • The importance of collaboration, engagement, and ownership of priorities
    • Managing-up and negotiating priorities
    • Maintain mental fitness through managing your headspace, eliminating distractions, and establishing boundaries & routines

Learner Outcomes

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Schedule and sequence work to maximize productivity, creativity, and mental health
  • Create milestones and measures (KPIs’/OKR’s) to gauge progress
  • Establish accountability methods to maintain focus
  • Control expectations by effectively managing-up and negotiating priorities

Course Specifications

Course Length & Type:1 day –In-Person or Virtual (can be customized and broken down into modules)

Audience: Anyone. There are no pre-requisites.

Participants: Up to 18

Next Steps

This course is not currently offered to the public.