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Women in Leadership: Driving Transformation Through Innovation and Resilience Certificate

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Learn to Drive Transformation and Prepare for Fulfilling Leadership Opportunities

The online Women in Leadership: Driving Transformation Through Innovation and Resilience certificate program from Emory Continuing Education (ECE) teaches women managers how to maximize their unique strengths to become stronger leaders. The six-week program includes five learning modules, each led by a female subject matter expert with expertise in the areas of innovation, cultural awareness, engagement, resilience, or self-advocacy.

This program is designed for current women managers who are ready to build the skill set needed to reach higher levels of leadership, including C-suite positions. The combination of live sessions and self-paced content gives women the flexibility to earn the certificate while balancing life's commitments, and empowering them to build presence and influence within their organizations.

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The certificate program is designed for women who work in management and aspire to:

  • Move into higher tiers of management and leadership
  • Learn best practices for developing a collaborative culture of innovation
  • Become more effective advocates for themselves and their teams

This program also is open to males who want to better understand the challenges women leaders face and provide support for their female colleagues.

Program Objectives

Upon your successful completion of the Women in Leadership certificate program, you will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of innovation and list instances of successful innovation inside and outside your organization.
  • Identify collaboration strategies in your organization, design ways to engage across silos, and formulate useful ideation strategies.
  • Define keys to the entrepreneurial mindset and apply methods for managing entrepreneurs.
  • Develop an initial plan to encourage risk while mitigating challenges.
  • Explore differences and similarities of cultures and how they impact communication, innovation, and team leadership, and develop a strategy of inclusiveness through an understanding of cultural impacts. 
  • Explore how to manage multiculturalism effectively to improve innovation.
  • Distinguish between resilient and non-resilient leaders, design a custom resiliency plan, and implement resiliency for innovation.

What You Will Learn

The Women in Leadership program is offered in six week-long modules. Five different women subject matter experts lead the first five modules. The sixth week features a two-hour live, virtual discussion with a panel of industry experts who currently hold leadership level positions in major corporations.

Module 1: Growing a Culture of Innovation

Practice innovative strategies, learn best practices in innovation, reflect on your experiences and envision ideal cultures of innovation. Led by Quinn O'Briant, MFA, MLA, public speaker and expert in creativity and innovation.

Module 2: Innovating Across Culture

Increase your understanding of how culture impacts success in the marketplace and workplace, as well as its impact on the world. Led by Soumaya Khalifa, MBA, President and CEO of Khalifa Consulting.

Module 3: Driving Engagement

Learn best practice tools and techniques to increase you and your team’s engagement. Led by Nancy Green, MBA, performance strategist and owner of iinteg Inc.

Module 4: Leading with Resilience

Learn the qualities, attributes, and skills that make resilient leaders, as well as their impact on teams, organizations, and culture. Led by Katie Karppala, MSOL, PCC, BCC, founder of Authentic Dimensions Consulting.

Module 5: Advocating for Yourself

Gain skills to effectively advocate for yourself including understanding the importance of identifying professional strengths, interests, and values. Learn how to self‐ownership over your vocational lives and future, and articulate your unique professional strengths, values, and vision. Led by Sarah D. Carlson, JD, career transformation and self-advocacy expert. 

Module 6: Industry Expert Panel Discussion

In this module, participants will:

  • Exchange ideas with industry expert panelists to gain fresh perspectives and insights for themselves.
  • Engage with panelists who will share expertise to bring value to the conversation of women in leadership.
  • Receive tips from panelists who will bring together differing perspectives for creating solutions to roadblocks and barriers to success.
  • Join in discussions that will help educate and inspire them for future initiatives and plans.

Course Content Summary

Module 1: Growing a Culture of Innovation

  • What works in innovation cultures?
  • Developing a user-first focus
  • Collaborating across silos
  • Cultivating entrepreneurial mindsets
  • Managing for risk and fast failure

Module 2: Innovating Across Cultures

  • Importance of cultural intelligence
  • Cultural self-awareness
  • Innovation through diversity
  • Leading while female across cultures
  • Examples of women leaders driving innovations in different cultures

Module 3: Driving Engagement 

  • The power of engagement
  • Communicating priorities, goals, and expectations
  • Taking a strengths‐based approach
  • Planning next steps to improve you and your team’s engagement

Module 4: Leading with Resiliency

  • Defining resiliency
  • What resiliency is not
  • Resiliency and leadership
  • Emotional intelligence and resiliency
  • Derailers from resiliency
  • Skills to increase resilience

Module 5: Advocating for Yourself

  • Self-belief
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-ownership
  • Self-articulation

Module 6: Industry Expert Panel

Bringing a diversity of perspectives together, industry experts from the fields of innovation, resilience, transformation and more, will participate in a panel discussion that will spark conversation, answer questions, and help participants determine their next steps.

Certificate requirements

The six-week program includes five topical modules each with a weekly instructor-led session and a sixth module featuring a live, virtual industry expert panel discussion. The program requires an estimated 45 contact hours over six weeks, including hours of live, online class sessions and as many as six hours of self-paced work per week outside of class.

Prospective students must meet minimum requirements for entry into the program:

  • Participants must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Participants must have at least a High School level education.
  • It is recommended that participants have a minimum of three years of management experience, however, managers with two years of experience may be considered pending University approval.


There are no prerequisites for this program.

Certificate Overview

6 weeks


Time commitment
45 hours


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