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Wipe it Out! Removing Negativity From the Workplace

Wipe it Out! Removing Negativity From the Workplace

Address negativity in your work teams

The harmful effects of negativity cost businesses billions of dollars each year. Unresolved conflict and drama can ruin a company’s culture, and in turn, its productivity, profitability and success. Negativity at the workplace can impact a company internally and spread negativity to erode customer service and customer satisfaction. In this course, we will examine the factors contributing to workplace negativity and explain how to effectively wipe it out so that you can promote a positive, growth-minded, and creative culture.

Course Outline

  • Definitions: Negativity, Conflict, Drama
  • Organizational Climate and Culture. What’s the Difference?
  • Detailed review of 15 characteristics of a negative workplace with class exercises
  • Consequences of negativity and unresolved conflict in the workplace
  • Causes of negativity
  • Proven remedies for negativity and unresolved conflict
  • Role play
  • Action steps

TEXTBOOK: None required

Learner Outcomes

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the most common causes for negativity and conflict in the workplace
  • Discover the breeding ground for negativity
  • Distinguish between concerns and negativity
  • Distinguish between organizational climate and organizational culture
  • Use techniques to manage conflict and reduce negativity

Course Specifications

Course Length Type:

  • 3 hours over 1 class session and
  • No self-paced work outside of class

Next Steps

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