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Behavioral Interviewing

Make the right hiring decisions

This course is designed to provide individuals involved in the hiring process with there sources and tools to make the right hiring decision by using behavioral based interviewing, which emphasizes that past behavior is a predictor of future performance.

Course Outline

What will be covered:

Lesson 1. Welcome and Introduction

  • Introductions and expectations
  • Discuss current role in the interviewing process, successes and failures.
  • Review pre-work questionnaire 3 to 5 Learning subtopics

Lesson 2. Why Do this? The High Cost of Turnover?

  • Define turnover costs
  • Why is it important to you and your organization?
  • The Hiring Process 3 to 5 Learning subtopics

Lesson 3. Identifying the Needed Job Skills

  • Identify and describe the technical skills needed for the job
  • Identify and describe the job performance skills needed for the job 3 to 5 learning subtopics

Lesson 4. Preparing for the Interview: Designing Questions

  • Guidelines to use when developing questions
  • Four types of questions
  • Introduction to the Behavioral questions and examples

Lesson 5. Interviewing and the Law: Is it Legal to Ask?

  • Review of what you can and cannot ask

Lesson 6. Conducting the Interview-The Steps

  • Establishing Rapport
  • Asking Behavioral Based Questions to Gain Behavioral Examples
  • Probing to Understand
  • Seeking Contrary Evidence
  • Allowing the Candidate to Ask Questions
  • Closing the Interview
  • Reviewing Your Notes and Summarizing Your Findings

Lesson 7. Other Interviewing Mentionables

  • Reviewing Resumes
  • Controlling the Interviewing
  • Checking References

Lesson 8. Simulation

  • Participants will be given a job description. Using this job description they will be asked to develop behavioral based interview questions. Paired in teams they will be asked to play both the interviewee and interviewer and provide feedback on both sides of the process.

Lesson 9. Post Work

  • A skills checklist is distributed to participants a few weeks after training to help participants continually improve their skills.

Learner Outcomes

After Completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify behavioral interviewing techniques and why they are better than traditional interviewing methods
  • Identify the 7 steps in the interviewing process
  • Design effective behavioral interview questions and probing techniques to gain behavioral examples
  • Review resumes with a critical eye
  • Define the high costs of turnover
  • Define what can be asked and what cannot in the interview and remain legal

Course Specifications

Contact Hours
3-6 hours (depending on client needs)

Next Steps

This course is currently not offered to the public.