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Biophilic Design: A New Design Standard

Living room with plant wall

Incorporate biophilic principles into the built environment

This course will introduce the concept of Biophilic Design in which the indoor environment ties into the outdoor. It will show the psychological impact of nature-deprived built environments. Included is the history of biophilic design, the relevancy, and the need in the design scheme to incorporate biophilic principles. The design specifications for biophilic design are identified using real nature and artificial nature as well as biomimicry in the built space.

Learn how to properly incorporate biophilic principles like plants and sounds into the built environment. We will discuss the need, the relevancy, and the psychological benefits of this new wave of design for health and wellbeing.

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Online (Instructor-led)Sat, Oct 05, 202411:00AM - 1:00PMZoom

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2 hours

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Tuition non-credit - $95.00

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