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The Intentional Listener – Transforming Communications and Reducing Misunderstanding

Become a better listener

Better listening can become a skill and a competitive advantage for leaders and their organizations when they learn to apply intentional listening skills. Participants will discover how they process information, explore an advanced model for listening, and elevate this element of their communication skillset. Participants can become more connected to what they are hearing and saying, and to what others will hear, with the result—participants driving solutions and innovations, while reducing conflict.

Learner Outcomes

After Completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Describe their personal listening habits
  • Explain the mechanics of listening
  • Create a mental model for how others are thinking and processing information
  • Describe how to leverage different perspectives and opinions to yield a team's best decisions
  • Explain how listening connects to one's voice being heard and valued, which can impact one's leadership and motivational success with colleagues, clients, and others.
  • Practice listening in a more disciplined and intentional fashion to drive business performance


None Required

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Course Outline

  1. Gaining Awareness of Your Listening Habits
    • The Mechanics of Listening

  2. Connecting to Others' Communications
    • Valuing and Leveraging Cognitive Diversity
    • Impact of Listening on Your Voice Being Heard
    • Impact of Listening on Your Success as a Leader

  3. Three Steps to Elevate Communication and Performance
    • Incorporating the Disciplines of Listening into Your Daily Communication Style

  4. Asking Powerful Questions Based on Intentional Listening
    • Building Trust, Driving Creativity, and Boosting Action

  5. Practice Commitment: Putting Listening into Play
    • The Process of Refining a Habit
    • Specific, Actionable Objective – Relationship or Project
    • New Communication Approach

Optional Lab

Small Group, Instructor-Led 90-Minute Sessions

  • Exercises in Listening Skill Development
  • Role-Playing to Reinforce Daily Communication Concepts
  • Guided Practice

Course Specifications

Contact Length 

  • 4 hours in one class session
  • Optional 90-minute lab if interested

Next Steps

This course is currently not offered to the public.