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Delegate to Improve Personal and Team Performance

Delegating to another employee

Learn how to effectively delegate to others

Delegation is the practice of turning over your tasks and/or authority to employees. Many managers struggle with delegation because of a fear of losing control or a desire to "own" the process. However, managers can accomplish more and develop their employees' skills by learning to better delegate. This course explores the benefits and barriers to delegation, the importance of authority and responsibility, as well as strategies and tools for implementing delegation. Participants leave with a delegation plan to use immediately.

Previous course titles: Effective Delegation, Delegating Effectively

Course Outline

What will be covered:

  • Delegation and benefits to Managers, Employees and the Organization
  • Recognize what delegation means in an organizational setting
  • Understand the multiple benefits of properly delegating

Assess Current Delegation Skills and Experience Level

  • Explore previous delegating experiences and patterns
  • Identify manager barriers to properly delegating and ways to overcome the barriers
  • Understand some of the most common reasons for delegating failure

Effective Communication Throughout the Delegation Process

  • Identify participants: delegation profile and the impact of communications
  • Examine participant and employee communication and work behaviors that affect delegation

Applying the 8-Step Model for Delegation Success

  • Understand the eight steps in the delegation process
  • Examine the situations and conditions necessary for successful delegation
  • organizational conditions and constrains to the delegation model

Using the 5 Levels of Authority Model to Delegate

  •  Discover the added relevance and benefits of using the authority model when delegating
  • Explore the importance of matching an employee's readiness with the proper level of authority when delegating
  • Apply organizational conditions and constraints to the authority model

Strategies to Overcome Employee Resistance to Delegation

  • Identify the most common sources of employee resistance when delegating
  • Understand the reasons behind employee push back and reluctance to accept new assignments
  • Create individualized action plans based on communication and work behaviors that will ensure delegation success

Learner Outcomes

After this class, you will be able to:

  • Define delegating and understand its benefits to managers, employees and the organization
  • Assess current level of delegation skills and experience
  • Apply an eight-step delegation process
  • Explore the role of communication styles in delegation
  • Integrate the five-levels of authority model into delegating tasks to employees
  • Practice delegation skills, using a checklist of delegation behaviors
  • Understand delegation resistance and develop appropriate strategies to overcome employee resistance

Delegate to Improve Personal and Team Performance Course Information

Contact Hours
3.5 hours (2 hours self-paced, 1.5 hours instructor-led)

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