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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Healthcare Certificate

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate

Reduce Process Errors and Improve the Quality of Patient Care with a Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Healthcare

What would your healthcare organization look like if medical errors were reduced by 90%, turnaround times for laboratory results increased by 75%, or if patient wait times for surgical procedures were shortened from months to days? How would your work culture change if the average length of patient stay decreased by 60%, or if hospital readmission rates declined by 40%?

Throughout the 100% online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Healthcare Certificate through Emory Continuing Education (ECE), you'll watch engaging video lectures and complete assignments designed to help you make your operations safer, more reliable, more efficient and less error prone. During the 7-week course, you'll explore how the data-driven tools and techniques of Lean Six Sigma can lead to increased cost savings, better bottom-line results, and improved patient satisfaction. Included in the course are seven (7) 90-minute live sessions with your instructor, who is an expert in healthcare Lean Six Sigma and can help answer any questions about the course material.


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When healthcare organizations implement Lean Six Sigma effectively, service quality and patient safety outcomes are impacted immediately, and work processes become more efficient and streamlined.

If you are interested in learning the essentials of Lean Six Sigma to reduce wasteful spending and process inefficiencies and/or aspire to implement meaningful change in a healthcare role, advancing your education through the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Healthcare Certificate is a good first step.

Successfully completing the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Healthcare Certificate is required to be eligible for Emory’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate.

Program Objectives

Upon your successful completion of the Green Belt for Healthcare Certificate, you will be able to:

  • Identify and charter potential Lean Six Sigma projects consistent with healthcare organizational needs

  • Execute a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt healthcare project through all five DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) phases

  • Assess appropriate Lean Six Sigma tools during the execution of a Green Belt healthcare project, and apply the right tool at the right time

  • Explain how healthcare operations can use Minitab to analyze data and to verify and validate root cause and associated solutions

  • Demonstrate the knowledge required to successfully pass the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification examination offered online through ECE at no additional cost

What You Will Learn

Learn the core functions of a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt practitioner and how various process improvement tools and concepts apply to healthcare.

  • The 5 phases of DMAIC methodology
  • Identifying a Lean Six Sigma healthcare project opportunity
  • Finding the root cause of a problem
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Selecting the best solutions
  • Sustainability

Certificate Requirements

This 7-week certificate includes seven (7) live, instructor-led virtual classroom sessions. Attendance in all seven (7) live online sessions is highly encouraged. Students should expect to complete approximately 10 hours of self-paced work each week in addition to the seven (7) 90-minute live sessions. Students will have 12 total weeks of program access.

To receive the certificate, students must:

  • Successfully complete all online course materials, quizzes, and assignments

  • Earn a passing score of 70% or higher on the certification exam


There are no prerequisites for this program.

Course Content Summary

  • Week 1. Lean Six Sigma Introduction
    • Lean Six Sigma Overview and Six Sigma History
    • Lean History and Lean Six Sigma Benefits
    • Lean Six Sigma Roles and Responsibilities
    • Project Selection and Planning
    • Management and Planning Tools
  • Week 2. Define Phase
    • DMAIC Process Refresh
    • Define Phase Overview
    • Obtaining the VOB
    • Obtaining the VOC, Part 1
    • Obtaining the VOC, Part 2
    • Obtaining the VOP
    • Storyboards and Define Phase Gate Review
    • Team Dynamics
  • Week 3. Measure Phase
    • Data Fundamentals
    • Process Variation and Descriptive Statistics
    • Introduction to Minitab
    • Data Collection and Sampling
    • Measurement Systems Analysis
    • Process Capability
  • Week 4. Analyze Phase
    • Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Identifying Root Cause
    • Hypothesis Testing
    • Correlation and Regression
  • Week 5. Improve Phase
    • Improvement Approaches
    • Selecting the Best Solutions
    • Risk Identification and Mitigation
    • Solution Deployment
  • Week 6. Control Phase
    • Control Phase Overview
    • Control Charts
    • Sustaining the Gains
    • Standardized Work and Visual Controls
    • Project Handover and Closure

Certificate overview

7 weeks 


Time commitment
60 hours


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