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Essentials of Conflict Management

Analyze conflict to understand the components involved

Conflict management is the practice of identifying and handling conflict in a sensible, equitable, and efficient manner. While conflict is inevitable in the workplace, the way conflict is managed can distinguish good workplaces from great workplaces. Participants will learn to analyze conflict to understand the issues and emotions involved. Then, they will learn to resolve conflict using a proven 4-step method. This course allows participants to explore their personal conflict management style and develop skills to manage conflict more effectively.

Learner Outcomes

After this class, you will be able to:
  • Manage conflict by understanding and exploring what it is
  • Recognize all five styles of conflict
  • Know which style of conflict is their preferred style by assessing their own personal style
  • Develop basic skills in the five styles so they can use any one of them
  • Learn to diagnose situations in order to choose the most appropriate style
  • Learn troubleshooting techniques and other skills for successful conflict resolution


Essentials of Conflict Management Course Information

Contact Hours
3 hours

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This course is currently not offered to the public.