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Beginning Oil Painting

an artist with her oil painting

Learn how to create oil paintings

Enjoy an easier, more satisfying introduction to oil painting when you know the right techniques. You'll learn everything you need to get started with this flexible, rewarding medium. Explore composition, color theory, depth and harmony as you develop your own personal style and complete your first paintings. Please view suggested supply list.


Supplies needed:

  • Oil paints (a set of small tubes with a variety of colors)
  • A selection of flat and round brushes (long handled synthetic bristle preferred)
  • A flexible palette knife
  • Palette (disposable type preferred)
  • Turpentine (the kind from the hardware store is fine.) No ‘Turpenoid’
  • ‘Mason’ type jar to hold turpentine and clean brushes
  • White plastic trash bags to cover work area
  • Rags (old cut-up T shirts or sheets work fine)
  • Small sketch book and pencil
  • Stretched canvases or canvas boards, approximately 16”x 20” (will need one or two per class)

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