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The Power of Mind Mapping Workshop

Join Neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and former Emory Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science Dr. Stuart Zola for a hands-on workshop exploring Mind Mapping. You’ll learn how to use Xmind, one of the most powerful and easy-to-use software tools for Mind Mapping. You'll then discover the many ways Mind Mapping can be used and how simple to complex organizations apply them. Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your abilities with this emerging tool.

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What is Mind Mapping?

Generate ideas, inspire creativity, and promote productivity.

Mind Maps provide a structured way to capture and organize thoughts, ideas and information. They help users understand concepts by separating them into their component parts. The technique is used to develop new ideas and dissect and better understand existing information.

Whether you are developing new ideas or organizing existing information, Mind Maps will help you to visualize relationships. They will provide an expansive and flexible framework to support your thinking and brainstorming.

Who will benefit from the workshop

The Power of Mind Mapping Workshop is ideal for people with different levels of Mind Mapping proficiency:

  •  Beginners will learn the "basics" of Mind Mapping and more.
  •  Existing users of Mind Maps will be introduced to new applications for the tool.
  •  Both beginners and existing users will learn how to improve the clarity and impact of their Mind Maps.
Mind mapping session

Learner Outcomes

  • Learn to use XMind software for the creation of Mind Maps that are both powerful and effective as a means of communication
  • Compare additional software options for Mind Mapping, understanding the pros and cons of each
  • Learn to use Mind Mapping as a powerful brainstorming tool, as well as for other applications
  • Discover how simple to complex organizations integrate Mind Mapping into their workflow
  • Realize the possibilities of Mind Mapping to improve your creativity, productivity, brainstorming, and more

Optional - collaborate with XMind on your laptop or tablet

The first portion of this workshop is dedicated to understanding the usage of XMind software to create Mind Maps. You are welcome to join with your own laptop or tablet with XMind software installed for hands on learning, following along with the instructor. There is a free trial of XMind available, and many find it affordable to purchase. Learners are also welcome to view the software demo without participating on their computer or tablet. 

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Mind Mapping Workshop Course Information

Contact Hours
4 hours

Course Fee(s)
Tuition non-credit - $195.00

Dr. Stuart Zola