"I wanted to let you know that I took the GRE yesterday and saw a MASSIVE improvement!!! On my first exam I scored a 470 in verbal and a 310 in math. Yesterday I scored a 560 in verbal and a 550 in math!!! So, in short I wanted to thank you again for helping to raise my score!"

- Jessica C.

"So I took the GRE last night. Devin's course most certainly maintains my endorsement. I ended up scoring V 710 and M 680, an almost 200 point increase in both sections. Meaning of course that my overall was a 1390, up 360 points from my diagnostic at the beginning of Devin's class. These scores are certainly sufficient to be reviewed for doctoral work at top-tier schools. I just wanted to send my feedback and thanks. But mostly my thanks. Perhaps some of the above will be helpful in the success stories/blurbs that go on the website. Anyway, thanks again!"

- Jon C.


"The director of admissions called me with the good news and even quoted parts of my admissions essay back to me, saying what an asset my "copy editor’s eagle eye" would be to the program. Many, many thanks to you for helping me craft my essay and improve my GMAT score."

- D.A.


"Just wanted to shoot you an e-mail and say thanks for all the help during the course. Your testing strategies really helped me out a lot on the real deal and I really appreciate it. Thanks again for all your advice, and helping me bump my score like you said you would on the very first day."

- Kyle T.


"Just wanted to let you know I passed! Thanks again for your help and I'll look forward to see you in the near future!"

- Jamaal M.


"I was in your class last session. I took the individual part of the EA Exam on Saturday and passed. I will let you know about the business part… Wanted to let you know that I took and passed the last EA exam this morning. Thank you for your instruction it made all the difference for me."

- Diana H.

"Thanks for all your help! I took the EA Exam Part I on Thursday, September 20, 2012 and passed....it was my first attempt at taking the test and I passed. I owe you big!"

- Michael O.


"I got my January scores back this morning... And I made a 2360!!! I got perfect scores in both the verbals and a 760 in math. But since I made an 800 in math last time, my super-score's 2400!
I wanted to thank you for all the help! I really appreciate all the advice and information you've given me. Thank you so much! (:"

- Juhi V.