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Adobe Captivate Level 1: Introduction

Adobe Captivate is the go-to tool for creating interactive eLearning content. If you are in education, you may be interested in using Captivate in your classroom to produce high-quality online learning tools for students to help them absorb and retain information from your courses. If you work in business or human resources, you can use Captivate to create engaging training modules that will help your company achieve its training and development goals.

Overall, students in this course will learn how to create soft-skills lessons, produce software demonstrations, and create interactive training simulations. You will also learn how to enhance the learner’s experience by adding interactive elements, test their learning with quizzes, and publish the project so learners can access it on virtually any device, including their mobile phones and tablets.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Create both eLearning and mLearning projects from the ground up
  • Customize captions, styles and timing
  • Utilize images and smart shapes to enhance a project
  • Manipulate pointer paths and curser images
  • Utilize Buttons, click boxes and text entry boxes to enhance learner interaction
  • Create and enhance audio
  • Add video, animation and special effects to a Captivate project
  • Integrate existing Microsoft PowerPoint projects into Captivate
  • Create a simple quiz and deliver the results to an on-line server
  • Publish a completed project for use in a number of environments

Course Content


  • Lesson 1. Exploring Captivate
  • Lesson 2. New Project & Soft Skills eLearning
  • Lesson 3. Recording Demos and Simulations
  • Lesson 4. Captions, Styles and Timing
  • Lesson 5. Images and Smart Shapes
  • Lesson 6. Pointers, Paths, Boxes, and Buttons
  • Lesson 7. Audio
  • Lesson 8. Video, Animation and Effects
  • Lesson 9. Adding Interactivity
  • Lesson 10. Working with PowerPoint
  • Lesson 11. Introduction to Question Slides
  • Lesson 12. Finishing Touches