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Event Planning: Introduction

Successful events require a tremendous amount of knowledge, resources, and behind-the-scenes production. Our engaging exercises will provide expert event planning tips and techniques from conception to execution – learn how to plan and manage logistics, catering, audio-visual elements and more. Discover how to proactively take control of event details in order to create memorable and worthwhile experiences for your attendees as your stakeholders applaud your impeccable leadership.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop effective event objectives and build a project timeline, budget and program to meet those goals
  • Define and explain important terminology for catering, audio-visual and event logistics in order to effectively manage those areas and work with the relevant suppliers
  • Create appropriate food and beverage menus while both maximizing the impact of your budget and understanding the basics of today’s common, but complex, food and beverage issues
  • Select appropriate venues and suppliers, and negotiate the basics of effective contracts
  • Organize logistics with simple tools such as Microsoft Excel, and be pro-active in pre-planning to effectively manage details and mitigate on-site problems
  • Describe the application of basic audio-visual equipment (such as sound and video equipment) in order to serve specific purposes in an event setting.
  • Communicate effectively with guests and attendees to both provide and collect important event information.

Course Content


Lesson 1: So You’ve Been Asked to Plan an Event…

Lesson 2: Selecting the Perfect Venue

Lesson 3: Basic Event Production

Lesson 4: Food & Beverage: The Cornerstone of a Memorable Event

Lesson 5: Digging into the Logistics

Lesson 6: Communications with Attendees

Lesson 7: Executing Your Event

Lesson 8: Evaluating Your Event

Lesson 9: Careers in Event Planning