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Strategic Communications in the Workplace

Communication is more than talking and listening. Genuine communication requires a deep understanding of another person’s perspective. But when you take into consideration all of our biases, behavioral idiosyncrasies, unspoken emotions, and personal agendas, this can seem almost impossible to achieve. The communications assessment instrument called DiSC© helps people understand each other on a more fundamental level. This course develops the skills to read other people and see how others interpret their behaviors. It creates a deep seated appreciation for the needs of their co-workers. Ultimately, the program helps participants adapt their communication styles in a way that creates an enduring working alliance among team members and fosters a deeper sense of organizational engagement.

Completion of a brief, online assessment prior to the course is required; to ensure timely analysis, we recommend enrolling at least 3-5 days prior to course start date.

After this class, you will be able to:

  • Describe the four styles of behavior and describe your behavioral communication style through the DiSC© Personal Profile.
  • Recognize the styles of other people through behavioral cues and people reading techniques.
  • Increase individual and team productivity by leveraging strengths and the strengths of other team members that may have different styles.
  • Determine how others interpret your behavior and monitor and adjust their verbal and nonverbal messages to improve communication.
  • Adapt communication styles based on the situation to improve individual and team communication effectiveness.
  • Develop specific communication strategies that build a culture of alliance and collaboration.