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Building Employee Engagement and Winning Commitment

Achieving employee buy-in towards new initiatives can present significant challenges. How does leadership properly balance motivational incentives with the team’s productivity, satisfaction and/or profit objectives? Inspiring commitment is a key to success for enhancing organizational efficiency and boosting employee engagement. Utilize our helpful guidebook and action planning tools in order to develop a fresh perspective, effectively communicate with colleagues, and motivate employees towards success.

After this class, you will be able to:

  • Describe the three types of commitment and implications of each
  • Increase awareness and use of best practices for enhancing influence and motivation and mitigating resistance to change
  • Practice analyzing situations to identify the types of commitment that exist and needs to be encouraged
  • Identify barriers to commitment and change
  • Practice developing awareness and use of proactive influence tactics to gain commitment for timely and meaningful information based on a simple request

Course Content

Lesson 1. Commitment

  • Defining commitment and distinguishing it from motivation
  • Learning the importance of commitment
  • Describing three types of commitment
  • Inspiring commitment

Lesson 2. Proactive Influence
  • Tactics for creating proactive influence
  • Practicing proactive influence techniques

Lesson 3. Action Planning
  • Techniques for gaining commitment from others
  • Tips for applying what you learned about commitment in this class to your workplace