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Behavioral Interviewing: Selecting the Best Fit

This course is designed to provide individuals involved in the hiring process with the resources and tools to make the best hiring decisions possible. It will provide the tools for hiring managers, recruiters and every member of the interviewing team to recruit top performers. This course uses behavioral based interviewing which emphasizes a focus on in-depth questioning to assist in assessing the candidate’s fit and potential success.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Review the hiring laws and bias that have an effect on the hiring process.
  • Identify how and why it is important to have an interview plan based on defining hiring criteria and performance standards needed for the position.
  • Demonstrate and create behavioral questions to uncover evidence of skills, fit, track record and motivators that assist in predicting a candidate’s success.
  • Distinguish and appraise answers and write quality feedback to coordinate with your hiring recommendation.