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Organizational Change Management

Projects often significantly influence an organization’s culture through change, and demonstrating a clear understanding of how this culture change impacts project development and execution is critical. Creating a comprehensive organizational change management plan includes proper stakeholder analysis, effective communication/training, and successful transition strategies. Course content will include industry best practices and related processes from the PMI® PMBOK® Guide to help ensure positive project results via organizational value and benefits.

    After this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain organizational culture change
  • Perform Stakeholder Analysis
  • Develop appropriate strategies for organizational change management
  • Create a viable communication and training plan
  • Execute organizational change management

Course Content

What will be covered:

Lesson 1. Organizational Culture Change

  • Project impact to organization culture
  • Industry accepted approaches for organization change management

Lesson 2. Stakeholder Analysis
  • Different stakeholder analysis tools and techniques
  • Appropriate stakeholder tools and techniques

Lesson 3. Create Transition Plan
  • Determining culture change strategies
  • Developing communication and training plan
  • Developing Organizational Change Management plan

Lesson 4. Manage and Control Organizational Change Management
  • Executing Organizational Change Management plan
  • Measuring, tracking and communicating Organizational Change Management plan results