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Managing Multi-Generations

With four different generations currently employed in today’s unique workforce, the resulting work environments can present tremendous challenges -- as well as the potential for great rewards. How can our management and leadership techniques bridge multiple generational divides in order to adapt and respond accordingly? In order to effectively handle these critical issues -- work ethic, the role of leadership, work/life balance, and more -- we need to better understand how the diversity of our backgrounds may have shaped varying workplace expectations. Our interactive workshop will explore these generational differences and similarities as participants develop and practice helpful techniques for better managing the wide range of ages and personalities that comprise the current labor force. After this class, you will be able to:

  • Describe common characteristics of the generations at work today and the formative events that define them
  • Determine the most effective approaches for communication with different generations
  • Custom fit their communication style to meet the challenges of generational differences

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What will be covered:

Lesson 1. The Generations at Work Today

  • From the “Traditionalists” to “Generation Z” … understand their history
  • The motivations and strengths of each generation at work

Lesson 2. Effective Approaches for Communication with Different Generations
  • Effectively craft your message and delivery style for different audiences
  • Apply non-verbals and storytelling when communicating across generations

Lesson 3. Custom Fit Your Communication Style to Meet These Challenges
  • Develop self-awareness about how different generations may view your style
  • Practice adjusting your style to different audiences
  • Create a plan for improving and fine tuning your leadership style