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Project Management: Scheduling Tools & Techniques

Harnessing scheduling tools and techniques to optimize your project schedule can be challenging. In this course, participants will learn how to build reliable schedules and how to respond to the inevitable changes and required modifications which occur throughout the life of the project.

After this class, you will be able to:

  • Create a Schedule from the Project Definition
  • Estimate Durations and Resources
  • Identify and Manage the Critical Path
  • Develop Efficient Resource Plan
  • Apply the appropriate techniques to manage schedule slips and changes

Course Content


Lesson 1. Plan Schedule Management

  • Establishing and adopting policies, procedures and documentation for effective schedule management
  • Establishing criteria for all project schedule activities

Lesson 2. Define and Sequence Activities

  • Decomposition of project scope and charter into manageable activities
  • Knowing the various dependency types and how to apply them in project schedule creation
  • Developing a comprehensive Network Diagram as a basis for the project schedule

Lesson 3. Estimation for Resources and Durations

  • Planning for appropriate resources and allocations
  • Identifying skills and materials needed to perform the project work
  • Understanding the difference between effort and duration
  • Knowing schedule compression techniques and when and how to apply them
  • Identifying and applying resource optimization techniques
  • Understanding and application of the various estimating techniques

Lesson 4. Develop and Control Schedule

  • Identifying critical path and utilizing it to develop and control the project schedule
  • Calculating float and utilizing it to manage the schedule