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Applied Machine Learning & Data Science with Python

Applied Machine Learning & Data Science with Python is a 7-week targeted program that teaches both fundamental and applied skills in developing real-world machine learning/data science solutions. Through the program, participants will gain hands-on experience in the entire spectrum of data science including data collection, preprocessing, visualization, and application of machine learning algorithms for solving a wide variety of data-intensive problems. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn some of the most in-demand open-source tools in the Python machine learning eco-system. After completing the program, participants will have the ability to explore, clean, transform, analyze, and generate actionable intelligence from diverse types of datasets.

Program Topics:

  1. Data Wrangling & Visualization in Python
    1. Data cleaning, merging and handling of categorical data
    2. Visualization with Matplotlib & Seaborn
  2. Optimizing ML Models in Scikit-Learn
    1. Over-fitting and Regularization
    2. Feature Engineering, Hyperparameter tuning
  3. Working with Databases
    1. Relational algebra and SQL
    2. Accessing databases with Python
  4. Text Mining and NLP concepts with Python
    1. Web scraping with BeautifulSoup
    2. Sentiment Analysis with NLTK
  5. Time Series Analysis in Python

The program is ideal for anyone interested in machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence related careers; for decision makers focused on creating data-enabled solutions, and also for data engineers who would like to understand the analytical aspects of data.