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Advanced Graphic Design: Theory & Practice

This course allows students to exercise creativity with project-based assignments and build on their knowledge of graphic design theory. Each lesson presents a real-world problem that students might encounter in a design role or creative agency. Students will learn how to produce effective solutions, make their own decisions, and apply additional techniques to meet industry requirements.

As the result of their course work, each student will have the opportunity to create a dynamic professional portfolio that comprises the authentic designs and collateral they create in this course. The instructor will walk students through the design process—brainstorming, selecting ideas, determining design and composition strategy, and curating resources. Students will then produce design collateral using their knowledge of the Adobe software.

The instructor—a working graphic design professional—will evaluate each assignment and encourage peers to exchange feedback. This activity will prepare students to articulate and justify their design decisions, which provides a realistic team environment for improving designs through collaboration.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Incorporate advanced design skills and techniques into everyday workflow
  • Develop and execute a system of procedures for addressing real world design project conditions and challenges
  • Plan goal-driven graphic design for a target audience to accommodate multiple revision cycles and stakeholders
  • Design and compose print and digital collateral applying color, typography and image theory, information hierarchy and composition principles
  • Conceptualize and create clear visual solutions for complex communication problems
  • Use problem solving skills to improve the process by which you will complete a project

  • Foundations of Graphic Design
  • Adobe InDesign Level 1: Introduction
  • Adobe InDesign Level 2: Intermediate
  • Adobe Photoshop Level 1: Introduction
  • Adobe Photoshop Level 2: Intermediate
  • Adobe Illustrator Level 1: Introduction
  • Adobe Illustrator Level 2: Intermediate

Note: This course requires access to Adobe Creative Cloud on your personal computer. Discounted student pricing is available here.