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Criminal Law

This course is an elective in the Paralegal Certificate, but may also be taken as a standalone course. This course is offered once per year.

In this class, students will learn the fundamental concepts basic to an understanding of criminal law and criminal procedure. Our readings and lectures will focus on national trends and general concepts, but we will also study specific Georgia criminal statutes and procedure as well as individual rights under the federal and state constitutions. Students will be able to analyze what crime or crimes are applicable to specific factual scenarios as well as to understand how a case moves through the criminal justice system from investigation through post-appeal procedures.


After this class, you will be able to:

  • Recognize criminal conduct and defenses to criminal charges.
  • Identify the elements of specific crimes such as murder, assault, and DUI.
  • Understand the law of search and seizure, and the right against self-incrimination and other constitutional principles.
  • Obtain familiarity with the mechanics of a jury trial, from jury selection to appeal.