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Presentations: The Power to Persuade and Inspire

The ability to successfully persuade and inspire an audience is an essential skill -- presentations, web-conferences, and team meetings frequently offer substantial opportunities for professional growth and career development. Join us to build confidence in your presentation style via practical exercises, a review of best practices, and constructive peer feedback as you work to reduce anxiety and take the fear out of public speaking. We’ll apply the concepts employed by the ADEPT (Articulate, Dynamic, Engaging, Projecting, Telling) model to help strengthen your ability to communicate with words, visuals, and body language when all eyes are upon you.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Build greater confidence for public speaking
  • Learn how to connect and engage any audience by applying the ADEPT model
  • Describe the do's and don'ts of great presentations
  • Build presentations skills through practice exercises

Course Content


Lesson 1. Confident Public Speaking

  • The physiology associated with the fear and anxiety of public speaking
  • Practice techniques to reduce anxiety and learn to relax when “on the spot”

Lesson 2. Apply the ADEPT model
  • Components of effective presentations – Articulate, Dynamic, Engaging, Projecting, Telling (ADEPT)
  • Participants will craft and practice a presentation using this model

Lesson 3. Practicing the ADEPT Model
  • Build new presentation skills through Articulate, Dynamic, Engaging, Projecting, and Telling
  • Presentations will be videotaped and peers will provide feedback around strengths and tips for improvement