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Executive Presence for the Non-Executive

As professionals progress through the early stages of their careers, performance and results often matter most. But moving forward, executive presence -- or lack thereof -- can significantly impact an individual’s career growth. Our introspective and engaging two-day course takes a close look at author Sylvia Ann Hewlett’s three pillars of executive presence: how you act (gravitas), how you speak (communication) and how you look (appearance). Join us to develop a specific plan for achieving the presence which executives admire: learn to project confidence, demonstrate emotional intelligence, command the room, polish your appearance and more as you strive for the ‘it’ factor in order to open executive-level doors.

Completion of a brief, online assessment prior to the course is required; to ensure timely analysis, we recommend enrolling at least 3-5 days prior to course start date.

After this class, you will be able to:

  • Define and explain Executive Presence
  • Develop a detailed plan for enhancing your executive presence in terms of your:
    • Gravitas (how you act)
    • Projecting confidence
    • Speaking truth to those in power
    • Demonstrating emotional intelligence
    • Excelling in difficult situations
    • Communication (how you speak)
    • Leveraging DiSC communication styles
    • Speaking skills
    • Commanding a room
    • Appearance (how you look)
    • Polish and grooming
    • Clothing
  • Develop strategies to overcome feedback failures to get honest, productive insight


Course Content

What will be covered:

What will be covered:

Lesson 1. What is Executive Presencee, What does it do for you?

  • To reach the upper levels of organizations requires more than technical skills, business savvy and strong work ethic. As Harvard Business Review says, “it ultimately boils down to your ability to:
    • project mature self-confidence, a sense that you can take control of difficult, unpredictable situations
    • make tough decisions in a timely way
    • hold your own with other talented and strong-willed members of the executive team”
  • Executive presence gives others confidence and peace of mind that you can handle the responsibility and exposure of the executive level. It demonstrates an understanding of people that translates into effectively working with and through others.

Lesson 2. Refine your Gravitas
  • Project confidence through body language, posture, organization and timeliness
  • Speak the truth to those in power
  • Use emotional intelligence to read and respond well to others
  • Excel in difficult situations
  • Plan for refining your gravitas

Lesson 3. Enhance Your Communications
  • Use communication style knowledge from the DiSC assessment to understand yourself and others
  • Polish your speaking skills
  • Command a room
  • Plan to enhance your communications

Lesson 4. Evaluate Your Appearance
  • Elevate your polish and grooming
  • Dress for success

Lesson 5. Avoid or Overcome Feedback Failures
  • Create a trusted circle of peers
  • Speak the truth to those in power
  • Find a Sponsor
  • Consider working with a coach