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Freelance Writing

You have a fantastic idea for a news story – but how do you carry that thought from proposal to published (and paid)? Media outlets need your content, and our Freelance Writing course prepares authors for the creative and publishing processes that result in accurate and engaging stories. We will cover the basics of a successful pitch, working with editors, understanding the fluid nature of editorial assignments, and the many rewards of publishing.


After completing this course, writers will be able to:

  • Develop an original story to pitch to the media outlet of their choice
  • Write a pitch letter that resonates with editors and gatekeepers
  • Assemble the facts and media that tell the story
  • Write a compelling and accurate draft that fulfills the original pitch
  • Respond productively to edits—in structure, grammar, and style
  • Develop their own management tools to sustain freelance writing (rates, contracts, etc.)