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Win-Win Negotiations

In the diverse yet interconnected marketplace of the Twenty-first Century, no set of problem-solving skills is more important than negotiation. Win-Win Negotiation is a specific strategy, which uses carefully defined skills to produce results beneficial to everyone in a negotiation scenario. This course builds on the basic skills and concepts of conflict management and teaches participants how to create agreements that satisfy all parties. This course utilizes the book Getting to Yes as a learning resource, and includes video examples, case studies, role-plays and simulations to help participants achieve their learning goals.


After this class, you will be able to:

  • Describe Win-Win Negotiation
  • Use Win-Win Strategies to achieve mutually beneficial results
  • Stay tough on the problem, but easy on the people
  • Leverage their negotiating power
  • Develop a negotiation plan

Course Content

What will be covered:

Describe Win-Win Negotiation

  • Create a strategy not an attitude
  • Identify opportunities
  • Remove barriers

Use Win-Win Strategies
  • Discover underlying interests
  • Create multiple options
  • Develop negotiation alternatives
  • Use standards to persuade

Stay Tough on the Problem, but Easy on the People
  • Separate people from the problem
  • Apply techniques to stay hard on the problem but soft on the people

Leverage Your Negotiating Power
  • Recognize sources of power and leverage in negotiations
  • Take advantage of the rules of power

Develop a Negotiation Plan
  • Negotiate a Win-Win agreement
  • Create a winning action plan