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Accent Reduction Part 2

Further practice the sounds you learned in Accent Reduction: American English Pronunciation and learn how to incorporate them into your spontaneous speech. Simultaneously expand your knowledge and use of vocabulary and American expressions in areas such as descriptive language, oral explanations, guided discussions, and examining how to reply American-style in various conversational situations. Limited to 10 for an intimate setting to enhance learning potential.

PREREQUISITE: You must complete Accent Reduction Part 1 before taking this course.


What will be covered:

  • Learning to produce the target sounds in multi-syllable words through extensive oral reading
  • Analysis of short video clips for auditory discrimination, humor and vocabulary/American expressions
  • Oral explanations, conversation, discussion with attention to inclusion of all target sounds

After this class, you will be able to:
  • Pronounce the target sounds more consistently in both oral reading and in spontaneous speech
  • Better discriminate discrete words in rapid speech, even when the words are not fully spoken
  • Expand your knowledge and use of American expressions in areas such as descriptions, explanations, paraphrasing and replies