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Advanced Use of Adobe Photoshop - Online

Go beyond the Adobe Photoshop basics as you explore more advanced features to successfully harness this powerful and popular editing software. Boost your expertise as you optimize images using specialized tools, apply effects to reduce flaws, and improve the quality of your photos. Work towards faster, more efficient image post-processing using simple tips and techniques as you build your professional portfolio. This class is also an elective course for Digital Photography certificate students.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Customize the Photoshop interface
  • Use Photoshop Actions for faster, more efficient post-processing of images
  • Explain the advantages of using layers in Photoshop for non-destructive editing of images in a number of ways
  • Utilize Selection tools in Adobe Photoshop to make changes within photographs
  • Use the Liquify tool to make changes in the appearance of people and objects
  • Describe the differences between the Healing, Patch and Clone tools