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Enjoying Wine: The Basics and Beyond

Have you found the study of wine to be daunting? Filled with snobbery and elitism? We invite you join us in a four-part series to taste wine and learn about different varietals, how wine is made and the fascinating people behind these creations. We will discuss how to taste wine with ease, different styles and types of wines, interesting wine characteristics and fascinating regional differences of wine from around the world. More importantly, this course will help you start to develop your own point of view, enabling you to confidently order wine in business and social settings. This series promises to be fun and enlightening for both the novice and enthusiast. Six to eight wines will be tasted at each class, accompanied by light food pairings. A course notebook will be furnished to each participant. You must be at least 21 years old in order to take this class. Must have a valid ID.

Course Content

After this class, you will be able to:

  • Taste wine: identifying the main flavor components in wine
  • Recognize the world’s best wine producing regions
  • Keep an effective wine journal, noting wine characteristics
  • Read wine labels and distinguish oustanding wine makers, importers and vintages
  • Develop a personal point of view about wine, further developing a wine palate
  • Order wine in a restaurant, asking appropriate questions
  • Pair wine with food confidently