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Project Management: Communications Tools & Techniques

Project Communications is one of the most important fundamental activities in successful project execution. Effective and appropriate project stakeholders’ communications is a critical success factor for project managers in meeting goals and objectives. Utilizing standard communication skills, tools and techniques to set and maintain expectations provides a cohesive project environment and a better chance for success.

In this class, students will learn how to communicate effectively in a project environment. Through a combination of role play, lecture, and exercises, participants will hone their communication skills and learn best practices to successfully manage projects.

After this class, you will be able to:

  • Plan appropriate communications on a Project
  • Apply common Tools and Techniques to manage project communications
  • Implement best practices to control communications throughout the project lifecycle

Course Content

Lesson 1. Communications Overview

  • Identifying and assessing project Stakeholders and leveraging common tools and techniques (e.g. Responsibility Matrix)
  • Understanding Communication Methods and Models

Lesson 2. Plan Communications Management

  • Identifying organization and project Communication Channels
  • Utilizing cultural capabilities to plan communications
  • Developing an effective Communication Plan

Lesson 3. Manage Communications

  • Gathering, consolidating and developing performance reporting data
  • Creating and distributing project information

Lesson 4. Control Communications

  • Monitoring and controlling communications throughout the project lifecycle
  • Managing and resolving conflict and applying successful negotiating techniques