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Good Grammar is Good Business

Learn how to create mistake-free documents and avoid common grammatical errors. This fast-paced, interactive grammar review also covers the latest usage trends. Strengthen your business communication skills by mastering correct punctuation, sentence structure, word choice, and spelling. The instructor, an experienced journalist and author, uses easy-to-follow tips and relevant business examples to highlight the fine points of the English language. Find out how to punch up your lengthy reports or quick emails. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of English writing and grammar.

After this class, you will be able to:

  • Create succinct, accurate documents
  • Identify and use the best word choices
  • Construct dynamic, grammatically correct sentences
  • Implement 10 e-mail etiquette tips
  • Write with confidence and clarity

Course Content

What will be covered:
Writing with Precision

  • Spelling Guidelines
  • Plurals and Possessives
  • Abbreviations and Numbers
  • Confusing Words
  • Punctuation Pointers

Using the Parts of Speech
  • Types of Nouns
  • Pronouns and Antecedents
  • Verb Tenses
  • Adjectives and Adverbs
  • Conjunctions and Prepositions

Building Strong Sentences
  • Sentence Structure
  • Sentence Fragments and Clauses
  • Subject and Verb Agreement

Writing with Style
  • Email Etiquette in 10 Steps
  • Active Voice
  • Common Errors
  • Tone and Style of Writing
  • Recap: 7 Business Writing Tips
  • Exercises