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SQL Level 2: Intermediate

This course expands your SQL knowledge by solidifying your base skills and teaching you: conditional selection, windowing functions, scalar and table variables, common table expressions (CTEs), and conditional sorting and filtering. The course completes the toolbox of SQL skills needed to solve any SQL query request that you may encounter in the workplace.


Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Work with SQL in a development environment
  • Describe relational database theory and data diagrams
  • Return data from multiple tables and join types
  • Join data sets with sub-queries
  • Join sets of data with set operators
  • Retrieve data about data sets using GROUP BY
  • Using Window Functions
  • Building Complex SELECT Statements
  • Table Objects and the FROM Clause
  • Table Objects and the WITH Statement
  • Building Complex WHERE Clauses
  • Complex Ordering Using ORDER BY

Course Content

Course Outline

01. Working with SQL and the IDE

02. Relational Databases and Diagrams

03. Multiple Tables and Join Types

04. Join Data Sets with Sub-queries

05. Join Data Sets with Set Operators

06. Summarizing Sets with GROUP BY

07. Building Complex SELECT Statements

08. Window Functions with the OVER Clause

09. Table Objects and the FROM Clause

10. Table Objects and the WITH Statement

11. Building Complex WHERE Clauses

12. Complex Ordering Using ORDER BY