"The skills and knowledge I learned from Emory Continuing Education’s Paralegal Certificate program gave me an edge. I recently applied for one of the positions posted in the ECE paralegal newsletter, interviewed, and was hired on the spot! This was my first paralegal job interview and I got it! It’s exactly the type of position I wanted as I embark on a new career path."

- Candy E.

"The Paralegal Certificate program at Emory Continuing Education (ECE) has benefited me in so many ways. When I first began the program, I was an Administrative Assistant. Just by mentioning I was a student at ECE, I started getting more call backs for interviews. By the time I graduated, I was employed at a new firm as a Paralegal.

ECE’s Paralegal courses are very hands-on. In my Civil Litigation class with Dorian Murry, we acted as opposing counsels with our classmates. In Law Office Technology with Matthew Cornick, we utilized programs that many law firms use daily. I gained not only a great deal of knowledge about how the legal industry works, but I was also able to build my resume up enough to set me apart from other job applicants.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is considering a career or already in the legal field. "

- Nicole P.

"There were several reasons for my decision to attend ECE's Paralegal Certificate Program. The fact that it was only a six-month program appealed to me in that I could complete the course quickly, and it seemed more challenging than most. The class schedule also allowed me to work full time while I was completing the program. Additionally, based on reputation, the Emory brand promises a high standard of education and speaks for itself when seeking employment."

- Lesley K.

"[At Emory] we were taught very well to be self-sufficient and to know how and where to find the answers to our questions in the work place. Independence is the hallmark of a good paralegal. It is what sets paralegals apart from administrative staff. Several times in my job as a paralegal I have encountered specialty litigation terms with which I was unfamiliar. In every case I knew exactly how to go about getting information which I was able to validate."

- Pam C.

"I found the program to be informative, challenging and fun -- and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to enter the paralegal profession. You all do a great job of keeping things running smoothly and ensuring a positive learning experience. I'm already looking forward to taking additional classes through Emory's Continuing Education department."

- Allyson G.

"As a J.D. coming back into the workforce after a number of years of full-time parenting, I was nervous and confused about where I would fit back in the professional world. Were my research skills outdated? Did I recall enough of the law that I learned for the bar exam so many years ago? How would I make the contacts I needed to find a good position? The Emory Paralegal Certificate Program was a wonderful transition for me. I found that I remembered more than I thought, and my research skills came back quickly. Even more important was the career search support and advice that I received. I learned how to network and research opportunities in the world of Linkedin and Indeed. I also made wonderful friends with the other students as we helped each other with the course materials and the search for where we would fit in the legal world."

- Terry S.

"Thank you for all the help that you’ve given me – I know I relied a lot on you for polishing my resume and it did get me 3 interviews so far."

- Marian B.

"My exposure as part of the Emory University Paralegal Certificate Program was top notch and I still "hear" (in my mind) the voices of my professors, advisors and/or mentors just as vividly today as during the training period."

- Glenda M.

"Choosing Emory's Paralegal program was one of the best professional decisions I have ever made. I have learned a great deal from the program's exceptional professors and curriculum. Not only did the program help me excel in my current position, but it also broadened my knowledge to include multiple areas of law. The staff is excellent to work with and will guide you from beginning to end, ensuring your experience is a valuable one. I would recommend the program to anyone interested in working in the law field."

- Miruna S.