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Online Course Testimonials

The instructor ... did an excellent job. Very thorough with her topic. I really enjoyed both [the] virtual classroom and physical classroom. I did already [pass along information about] this class and instructor to one of my co-workers.

The registration and communication to follow regarding this class were very well organized. The instructors were well prepared and engaging. The adjustment of using Zoom [was] very beneficial to complete the classes. This was an experience that exceeded my expectations. I valued the lessons, engagement, and resources that I have obtained from this learning experience. Thank you!

Awesome class. I learned many takeaways and am happy I was able to experience the new online format.

I enjoyed the online class. It was very convenient, and I still felt the classroom presence. The instructor was very knowledgeable, and I will be using what I learned for personal development.

This course was amazing. The instructor and moderator both did an incredible job and [have] really given me the drive to look into a lot more classes in this system and with this instructor!

I appreciate this course being moved online so that I can complete this portion of my yearly performance goal! ECE did an excellent job of setting up the courses under a short time frame.