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Special Interest Groups

OLLI Book Clubs

OLLI has two different book clubs. One meets 1st Tuesday of each month, and the other 1st Thursday of each month.

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Social Bridge Group

For those individuals that know how to play and are wanting to meet as a group to play.

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JOY (Just Older Youth) Social Group

A group of individuals who would like to meet-up, make new friends, meet for lunch or dinner, see a movie or other items of interest.

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Brunch Bunch Group

A group of individuals who would like to meet once a month at a preplanned location for brunch.

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Hiking Group

Group of individuals that would like to meet for hiking opportunities locally

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Photography Group

Members meet to learn from each other and share their love of photography. If desired, the group will plan future photo outings. The goal is to have fun while expanding the knowledge, skills, and interest in photography of each individual member.

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Nordic Walking Group

Nordic Walking is fun, especially in a group! It is not a "balance" walking program. We do NOT use trekking, hiking or stability poles. It is an outdoor fitness regimen—using specialized poles with attached gloves—that builds upper body strength as you walk, increases aerobic capacity and allows wellness walkers to turn their daily walk into a full body workout. The poles reduce impact and load on the joints of the body by as much as 30%; activate 90% of the body's muscles; help prevent arthritis and relieve neck/back pain. The benefits are innumerable, and the activity can be enjoyed, regardless of age or fitness level, for a lifetime.

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