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Creative Strategy & Visual Thinking

Today’s business world requires excellence in communication. Mastering the concepts of visual thinking via creative design strategy and messaging can improve your problem-solving skills with visual aids, design resources, and tips to support text-centric content. We will develop your design skills as we explore innovative strategies surrounding theory, aesthetics, and practice. Build your creative confidence and sharpen your talents utilizing design tools, generators, and applications. Our hands-on course will specifically support both non-designers as well as entry-level designers interested in effectively communicating and enhancing ideas visually.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate basic creative design principles, processes, and theory to support in developing and enhancing creative design projects
  • Develop visual thinking skills and creative design strategy
  • Facilitate a creative visual strategy with effective deliverables
  • Develop, analyze and refine creative concepts from initial idea to final product
  • Analyze and apply visual thinking and creative design strategies to challenges of specific problems